Show Band 2019-2020 Donors and Supporters

The Show Band is most grateful for the support of the many friends and patrons who provide the logistics and funds required to make our concerts possible.

Members of The Ontario Chaffey Show Band Concert Society

Bellevue Memorial Park
Chaffey Adult School
Foothill Self-Storage
John's Custom Installations, Inc.
The Milhiser Family
Ontario Community Foundation
Ontario Kiwanis
The Petrocelli Family
In Memory of Mary E. Watson-Ortiz

The Boling Family
Elegance Salon
The Holton Family
The Mercer Family
City of Ontario
Ontario Elks Lodge No. 1419
The Ovitt Family
Lara and Kevin Porter

DIAMOND BATON MEMBER:  $2,500 Donation
Mathew & Shawna Holton

Richard Ortiz

King Dalton
Kathy Tully

Wayne & Ruby Leavitt
Ron Vinitieri

GOLD BATON MEMBER:  $500 Donation
Kay Alexander & Bob Mattus

Ontario Noon Kiwanis Club

Patricia Bourland
Wesley & Katrina Mason
Robert Weis

Jim & Kathy Kinley
Alan & Judi Wapner

STEEL BATON MEMBER:  $100 - $200 Donation
Dick & Maureen Bouma
Chris Hollister
Gabe Silva
Alan & Charlene Wissing

Joanne Boyajian
Mike Pfister
Marcia & Raul Vargas

Stephen & Betty Anderson
Brent Currie
Esther Figueroa
Kristine & William Hanlon
George Rushe & Laretha Estes

Dawn & Salvador Chabolla
Carol Cushing
Wendy Hampton
Brian Rockwell
Cornelia Vander Dussen

THE OCCSB SOCIETY:  $25 Donation
Julia Aleman-Arias
Briana Lane
Maria Moody
Sharon O'Connor
Pat Pfister
Malcolm & Nancy Slack
Maria Wingert

Barbara Keys
In Memory of Hiram & Elaine Martin
Elaine Mulherin
In Memory of Thomas C. Palombo
Maria Pimentel
Linda Van Hoof

The Friends of the Ontario Chaffey Community Show Band is a registered charity under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3)

The Ontario Chaffey Show Band is able to rehearse and provide musical programs free of charge to our community thanks to the generous support of our show sponsors, donors, and members of the Friends of The Ontario Chaffey Community Show Band Concert Society.  We thank you for your continual support!

Bellevue Memorial Park John's Installations The Ovitt Family Chaffey High School City of Ontario, California Chaffey Adult School The Mercer Family Ontario Community Foundation