About Show Band Membership

The Ontario Chaffey Community Show Band is ALWAYS looking for talented new musicians to join our band!  Band members are not just from Ontario, but represent at least 2 dozen nearby communities as well.  There is no audition required to join and we have a wide range of talent levels, from folks who are just dusting off their horns, to those playing at an expert level and teaching at collegiate levels.  There is room for everyone in our band, and we welcome everyone, no matter your proficiency, with the belief that music is life long experience to be shared with the whole community.

We rehearse every Monday night from 7-9pm at Chaffey High School in the Jack Mercer Music Hall.  Just drop by with your instrument any Monday night and say hello, and we'll be happy to get you a seat in the right section, give you some music and introduce you to some friendly folks.  Or, if you prefer to let us know in advance, and we'll make sure to greet you at the door and make you feel welcome when you get there!

Our performances are once every month on Monday evenings in the historic Gardiner Spring Auditorium and occationally at the new Ontario Town Square Bandshell in downtown Ontario.  We'd love to have you as a part of our Show Band!

Questions?  Feel free to email us at pr@showband.net and we'll be happy to get back to you.

  Cathleen Coombs
  Barbara Farr
  Terry Flores-Franke
  Roger Griffith
  Miriam Keith
  Crystal Leonard
  Grace Lindstrom
  Pat Manganello
  Trish Molina
  Kenya Nelson
  Anna Newland
  Katrina Porter
  Dana Rawlings
  Kristeena Sanchez

  Holly Audet
  Joanne Boyajian
  Beverly Castle
  Nick Casillas
  Sandy McDaniel
  Gary Mink
  Richard Montague
  Bill Moser
  Paula Reiter
  Evan Robinson
  Neil Vargas
  Carolyn Wheeler
Bass Clarinets:
  Elizabeth Alcatraz
  Alyssa Hartford
  Creston Maragh
  Harold Willhite

  Bruce Bishop

  George Osorio

Alto Saxophones:
  Brittney Calderon
  Christopher Cruz
  Esther Figueroa
  Samuel Garcia
  Francisco Mowatt
  Kayla Rodriguez
  Al Schapiro
  Kathy Soderlund

Tenor Saxophones:
  Pat Arnold
  John Bauer
  Douglas Hunt

Baritone Saxophones:
  Robert Collins
  Earl Phares
French Horn:
  Lindsay Anderson
  Greg Cosner
  April Christopher
  Isaac Gonzalez
  Creston Maragh
  Deon Maragh
  Amanda San Miguel
  Zelne Zamora

  Alexis Abarca
  Larry Cariato
  Steve Collins
  King Dalton
  David Grasmick
  John Holguin
  George Keeler
  Mike Pfister
  Gary Simpson

  Dennis Sampson
  Natasha Le

Electric Guitar:
  Rob Garretson

Electric Bass:
  Chris Berry
  Elaine Vanek
  Stephen Cavaretta
  Tom Clayton
  John Damico
  Donald Edberg
  Steven Osorio
  Jose Padilla
  John Preston
  Juan Ventura

  Bill Bescoby
  Josh Groenheim
  Tom Hill
  Jeffrey Zill

  Brunson Achiu
  Michael Bachman
  Bruce Ford
  Dennis Sampson
  David Schaafsma

  Homero Chavez
  Jonathan Gamino
  Bob Mattus
  Richard Rakijian
  Steve Sturgis